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Purchasing commercial real estate is usually a prudent investment. Having your own property can be a major and beneficial business asset. At LP Capital Group, we offer commercial mortgage solutions designed to help our clients refinance and/or purchase stabilized multifamily and specialized properties, including low-income, student, and senior housing, as well as manufactured properties.

Understanding Commercial Mortgage

Commercial mortgage loans are often granted to businesses for the purpose of buying a commercial property. In this case, it would be a shop, industrial unit, or an office for your business to use. A commercial mortgage is different from their residential counterparts in several ways, for example:

  • They are usually amortized over a period of two decades or more, in regular instalments.
  • Commercial mortgage interest rates are usually than residential mortgage loans.
  • As the loan-to-value ratio is lower for a commercial mortgage, less of the property’s total value may be covered by the loan.
Why Should You Get Commercial Mortgage?
  • Flexibility: If you decide to close your business or need to move to bigger premises, you are still left with plenty of options if you took on a commercial mortgage. The mortgage can still be covered if you decide to rent out your property, sell it, or maintain the asset.
  • Certainty: With commercial mortgage, you can arrange fixed monthly repayments. You can accurately utilize them in your business forecasting and planning, i.e. structure the finance of your business with increased certainty.
  • Capital gains: Property prices always rise. Commercial mortgage allows you to realize capital growth over a long period.
  • Rental potential: You can monetize any additional space you have on the property for additional income.
  • Stronger financial foundation: When you own the building, your equity in it continues to grow with each mortgage payment. You can say goodbye to “empty money” rent payments.
How LP Capital Group Can Help for Commercial Mortgage

We provide commercial mortgage solutions that can be utilized for more than just purchasing your business a new home. Our solutions also apply to:

  • Existing property development
  • New property development
  • Current premises extensions
  • Land purchase
  • … and more!

Our commercial mortgage repayments can also be structured either with variable or fixed interest rate payments.

Why You Should Work with LP Capital Group for Commercial Mortgage

At LP Capital Group, we continuously strive to supply high-quality and competitive commercial mortgage solutions to business owners all over the United States. Our commercial mortgage experts will do all the work for you and tailor a financing solution that perfectly fits your requirements. Next, our organization has access to reputable banks and lenders. You can be sure that our team can start getting your mortgage loans approved as soon as we have understood your requirements. When you work with us, you will be in complete control of your business premises. What’s more, you will be unaffected by the future actions of a landlord.

If you would like to start applying for a commercial mortgage loan or want to know more about or company, do not hesitate to call us at (201)690-9260 today.