Rehab Funding (Fix & Flip)


Whether you are fix-and-flip or fix-and-hold investor, having quick access to financing is extremely important. At LP Capital Group, we offer our clients access to short-term loan programs such as rehab funding. Our solutions are designed to help them purchase and/or fix a property with the speed and flexibility that savvy investors expect.

Understanding Rehab Funding (Fix & Flip)

Rehab loans are designed to help real estate investors fund the renovation and purchase of commercial properties. This financing option is usually used by short-term investors who aim to fix and flip properties. Rehab loans fuses a property purchase and rehab costs into a single loan with interest-only payments and quick funding times.

With that, there are generally two types of rehab funds. They include:

  • Hard money rehab funding: Suitable for short-term investors who are into fixing and flipping a property. This option is also useful for long-term investors who want to season and rehab a property before refinancing.
  • Permanent rehab mortgage: Great for long-term investors who have plans to renovate a property and then hold it to generate rental income.
Why Should You Get Rehab Funding (Fix & Flip)?

If used responsibly, rehab funding makes for a powerful tool that all commercial real estate investors should have in their arsenal. It is a great option for investors who need access to money fast. This type of funding allows you to enter into the hard money loan while possessing a clear-cut plan for your property. What’s more, it provides backup in case something did not go just as plan. Default is a bad situation for both lenders and investors. Rehab funding is one of the ways to avoid such troubles from the get-go.

How LP Capital Group Can Help for Rehab Funding (Fix & Flip)

What can LP Capital Group offer to those who are interested in rehab funding? Below is a quick look at the various features of our rehab funding solutions:

  • Loan amounts from $75,000 up to $5,000,000
  • Loan to value of 60%-65% or below on residential fix & flip.
  • Loan term of 12 months (extensions available)
  • Advance rate on purchase price up to 90%
  • Advance rate on Rehab 100%
  • Interest rate 9% – 12% / Points 2 – 3
  • No Pre-payment penalty
  • No credit score minimum
  • Any level of experience
  • Property types: single family, multi-family, and mixed-use
Why You Should Work with LP Capital Group for Rehab Funding (Fix & Flip)

LP Capital Group’s experienced rehab funding specialists work diligently to keep our valued clients in the loop at every stage. We do all the leg work for you and ensure the loan is underwritten and processed with a great sense of urgency. We understand that every real estate deal is unique and that’s why we can tailor rehab funding solution to your specific needs. Whether you are planning to fix and flip a property in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, we have got you covered. When you work with us, you can expect to receive stellar results pertaining to all your funding needs.

LP Capital Group looks forward to hearing from you. Contact us today to get the rehab funding that you deserve!