Property Types


LP Capital Group will work with clients to turn a property into a home.

  • Multi-family homes can be designed in different ways; they can be apartment buildings, condominiums, duplexes, or townhouses.
  • Do you need funding to fix and flip a 1 to 4 family property? We’ve got you covered! Give us a call (201)690-9260 to apply today.

Property Types

  • LP Capital Group provides funding to help turn your real estate dream into reality.
  • Multi-family housing provides affordable housing options in high-cost markets.
  • For investors that buy and hold apartment buildings with five or more units, call us at (201)690-9260 for information about how to apply for construction rehab financing and permanent financing.

Ancient Houses

In an urban environment, mixed-use properties are popular real estate. LP Capital group will work with you to figure out the best financing solution for your project.

  • Mixed-use properties can include any blend of residential, commercial, or institutional developments.
  • Projects can be influenced by where they are located and current market costs.

Retail and Office Building

The specialists at LP Capital Group will provide financial advice and funding for your retail project.

  • Commercial real estate has income potential.
  • Factors that influence the retail market include professional relationships, the surrounding population, and hours of operation.

Generic Modern Building

LP Capital Group provides financial solutions for the development and acquisition of office buildings.

  • Before investing in real estate, learn some of the vocabulary.
  • There are risks to consider:
    1. Locations can backfire
    2. Cash flow can vary
  • LP Capital Group will advise you through the process.

Warehouse Exterior

The specialists at LP Capital Group will work with clients to develop industrial properties as well as provide consultation and funding for acquiring and refinancing existing properties.

  • Factories and warehouses are valuable to the market due to the popularity of e-commerce.
  • Technological advancements are important to consider.