1 to 4 Family Homes


Do you have 1 to 4 family homes in your property and want to invest in them? Look no further than LP Capital Group. We provide groundbreaking financing solutions for the commercial real estate industry.

What are 1 to 4 Family Homes?

First, you need to know what multi-family homes are. They are currently the least common type of residential building in the U.S. They are basically homes that have been transformed into two or more units. They may also feature multiple floors or come in a rowhouse-style. Now, anything more than four units falls into the commercial category.

Next, some multi-family homes share a common main entrance, while others have a separate entrance for each unit. The key distinction between condos and multi-family units is that the units cannot be bought individually. This means that a single owner owns the whole building. 1 to 4 family dwellings are typically owned by corporate or individual investors for rental purposes. They may lease it on a seasonal or annual basis.

Why Should You Invest in 1 to 4 Family Homes?

1 to 4 family homes are excellent options for those looking for investment properties. It is a common practice for investors to live in one of the units and rent out the others for rental income. If you are looking to purchase a property that allows multi-generational family members to live in the same building, then you should consider 1 to 4 family homes. Everyone can live together in harmony and have their own units as well! With LP Capital Group’s commercial real estate financing expertise and solutions, you can actualize your plans with exceptional ease.

How LP Capital Group Can Help for 1 to 4 Family Home Investments
  • New construction loans: We can arrange construction financing for the ground-up development of 1 to 4 family homes. Our solutions are designed to satisfy short-term funding needs to ensure your project is completed on schedule and at a manageable cost. We can help you lock down hedging opportunities, rate lock options, and more.
  • Commercial bridge loans: Our bridge loan programs are designed for stabilized and transitional commercial real estate assets. We offer loans from $1MM to $5MM.
  • Rehab funding (Fix & Flip): You can gain access to short-term loan programs via LP Capital Group. You will be able to get the necessary funding for fixing and/or purchasing a property with an exceptional level of flexibility.
  • Commercial mortgage loans: Looking for permanent financing solutions? Our company offers stellar solutions for the purpose of refinancing and purchasing specialized properties (e.g. senior housing) as well as stabilized and manufactured multifamily properties.
Why You Should Work with LP Capital Group for 1 to 4 Family Home Investments

At LP Capital Group, we are a leading provider of affordable, commercial real estate financing solutions. Since our inception, we have earned a reputation as a front-runner in the 1 to 4 family homes industry thanks to our passionate team of real estate experts and our depth of financing options. You may be pleased to know that our financing solutions suit commercial real estate investors, developers, operators, and owners.

We have experienced teams on deck to deliver favorable results and reduce any learning curves more efficiently. Whether you are looking to apply for a renovation bridge loan or refinance your portfolio, we have got your back. LP Capital Group services Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York!

Are you seeking financing solutions to fix and flip a 1 to 4 family property? Schedule an initial consultation with us via a call at (201)690-9260 today.