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Mixed-used properties are a popular type of real estate in urban environments. At LP Capital Group, we work closely in tandem with our valued clients to determine the best financing solution for their commercial real estate projects. It is important to note that mixed-use property development projects can be influenced by current market costs and where they are located.

What are Mixed-Use Properties?

Mixed-use buildings are commercial properties that include both residential and commercial spaces. They can be a suburban community, a substantially large urban community, a single building, or anything in between that combines industrial, cultural, commercial, and/or residential use within a relatively dense and small area. In many cases, if not all, the residential portion of a mixed-used building takes up more square footage than the commercial portion. Mixed-used properties are also known to be used for livestock breeding, commercial agriculture, and more. Some common examples include:

  • A licensed day care center or office located within a residence.
  • A duplex where one unit is rented out, while the owners live in the available unit.
  • A sole proprietor’s residence just above his or her retail store.
Why Should You Invest in Mixed-Use Properties?

Tenants, leasing agents, as well as commercial and residential developers all benefit from such properties. By making nearby living spaces available to one’s employees, you can increase their quality of life by shortening the time and distance needed to commute to work, childcare facilities, public transportation, outdoor recreation centers, health clubs, restaurants, banks, and more.

Mixed-use buildings also have the ability to revitalize blighted or underdeveloped areas. Corporations, that set up their headquarters around this area, can help fuel local economic growth as employees and their family members become customers for local movie theaters, retail stores, grocery stores, and restaurants. What’s more, the resulting tax revenue from increased property values can be used to improve the development’s infrastructure. This, in turn, stimulates more growth!

How LP Capital Group Can Help for Mixed-Use Property Investments
  • New construction loans: LP Capital Group is a leading provider of mixed-use property construction financing solutions. You can get the funds you need to complete the project whilst staying on budget.
  • Commercial bridge loans: LP Capital Group also provides commercial bridge loans of up to $5MM. You can use it to acquire or refinance a mixed-used property development project.
  • Rehab funding (Fix & Flip): If you are planning to fix and flip a mixed-use property, take advantage of our short-term loan programs!
  • Commercial mortgage loans: Do you need to refinance or purchase a mixed-use property? LP Capital Group is offering stellar permanent financing solutions that can help actualized your investment plans.
Why You Should Work with LP Capital Group for Mixed-Use Property Investments

At LP Capital Group, we offer a great array of financing solutions to commercial real estate investors, developers, operators, and owners. Whether you are based in Connecticut or New Jersey, you will be able to take advantage of the skills and experience of our mixed-used experts. Since our inception, we have been recognized as a leading provider of affordable mixed-used financing. You can definitely count on our flexible and innovative financing solutions to meet your short-term and long-term needs. You can rest assured that our dedicated staff members are equipped with up-to-date real estate knowledge, which is the key element of any successful transactions.

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