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Congratulations! You are ready to purchase a multi-family property. Before you let the excitement get over your head, you should know that this type of investment can be overwhelming. It is pertinent that you work with an experienced real estate financing company that can aid you in term of finances. At LP Capital Group, you can be sure that we are the right people for the job. We provide funding solutions designed to help turn your real estate dream into reality.

What is a Multi-Family Property?

Also known as apartment complexes, multi-family properties refer to buildings with more than one rentable spaces. Single-family properties are residential buildings with usually one available unit to rent. Today, multi-family dwellings have become a critical part of environmentally-minded growth. This type of property development generally causes less environmental disruptions than a similar number of single-family units, if spread over a larger area. What’s more, multi-family housing investments provide more affordable options in high-cost markets.

Why Should You Invest in Multi-Family Properties?

A multi-family property project can be an important next step for any real estate investor, even if he or she had previously bought a single-family home and rented it out to tenants. If you are up for the challenge, doing this can certainly help you produce more income and/or net worth faster. Now, you may need to find someone who can get you the funding that you need to make this happen.

In many cases, the cost of acquiring multi-family buildings will be significantly higher than the cost of purchasing single-family homes. For example, the cost of a multi-family property can shoot up in the millions, while one-unit rentals only cost investors in the tens of thousands. The good news is that it is not difficult to get a loan for multi-family property investments. However, it is recommended that you work closely with a commercial real estate financing company to ensure nothing goes wrong.

How LP Capital Group Can Help for Multi-Family Property Investments
  • New construction loans: We provide stellar construction financing solutions for the ground-up development of multi-family properties. Our company strives to help our clients complete their projects at an affordable cost.
  • Commercial bridge loans: Offering loans from $1MM to $5MM, our innovative bridge loan programs are perfect for refinancing and acquisition purposes.
  • Rehab funding (Fix & Flip): Enjoy a seamless and flexible process of fixing and flipping a property with our short-term loan programs.
  • Commercial mortgage loans: Refinance and/or purchase multi-family properties with exceptional ease, with our permanent financing solutions.
Why You Should Work with LP Capital Group for Multi-Family Property Investments

Whether you are looking to invest in a multi-family property in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, LP Capital Group has got you well-covered with our commercial real estate financing solutions. With a dedicated and experienced team of multi-family experts, we are able to serve a wide variety of clients in several distinct segments, delivering favorable results all the time. Our company has worked with real estate investors, owners, developers, and more. You can be sure that we can help obtain the capital you need to thrive. Allow our real estate specialists to provide you with the most positive experiences possible. You can count on us to conclude a successful transaction.

If you plan to buy and hold apartment buildings that feature five or more units, call us at (201)690-9260 today! and permanent financing.