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Does your organization plan to develop an office building from the ground up or acquire an existing one? Before making your move, you should consider which locations can backfire, cash flow matters, and more. To ensure you move forward with your plans, LP Capital Group is prepared to advise you through the entire process.

What is an Office Building?

Office buildings are one of the categories under commercial real estate. Office buildings are typically categorized into two types: suburban and urban. These buildings are usually found in cities and may include high-rise properties and skyscrapers. There are also offices that are a few million square feet in size. Suburban office buildings are smaller in stature and can be grouped in office parks.

A majority of office buildings are build-to-suit. Others are single-tenanted and multi-tenanted. Class A office buildings are the most prestigious buildings that feature high-quality standard finishes, exceptional accessibility, state-of-the-art systems, and possess a definite market presence. Class Bs do not compete with Class A at the same price but are fairly good for the area. Class Cs are more targeted toward tenants that require functional space at rents below the average. Medical office buildings are a specialty sub-sector in the office real estate market.

Why Should You Invest in Office Buildings?

Office buildings and multi-family properties can work together to build wealth. It allows private investors to build a portfolio that has the ability to weather risk and generate wealth at the same time. What’s more, the properties’ values also rise in a tax efficient manner. Next, office real estate markets expand with the growing economy. A substantial number of leasing activities in the U.S. come from expansion. As renters move to cities in search for a better quality of life, nearby office markets will surely benefit as well.

How LP Capital Group Can Help for Office Building Investments
  • New construction loans: Need to build an office building from scratch? LP Capital Group can help you secure the funding to make that happen!
  • Commercial bridge loans: Take advantage of commercial bridge loans, of $1MM or $5MM, for transitional and stabilized office real estate assets.
  • Rehab funding (Fix & Flip): Are you looking to access short-term loan programs that offer the flexibility and speed you need to successfully fix and flip an office building investment? You can count on us!
  • Commercial mortgage loans: When it comes to office building investments, we understand that some investors need to refinance their mortgage loans. LP Capital Group is at your beck and call for such matters.
Why You Should Work with LP Capital Group for Office Building Investments

Apart from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, another real estate market LP Capital Group serve is Connecticut. We understand that Connecticut’s commercial real estate market is driven by office-based industry, including technical, insurance, and finance services. You can enjoy complete peace of mind while working with us to develop or purchase commercial properties here. Our office real estate experts have worked with many different commercial real estate investors, owners, developers, and operators. You can rest assured that we will provide the best possible outcome when it comes to financing and banking matters.

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