Retail and Office Building

At LP Capital Group, our team comprises commercial real estate specialists that can provide sound financial advice and financing solutions for retail development projects. We understand the nooks and crannies of the retail market well, including hours of operation, surrounding population, and professional relationships. If you are ready to unlock the income potential of retail property investment, we can help!

What are Retail Properties?

Retail real estate refers to properties that are being used exclusively to sell and market consumer goods and services. These properties can range from pop-up stores, individual shops, shopping centers to “big box” stores. Next, retail stores include everything from fashion stores, bike shops, pharmacies, florists, cafes, dry cleaners, supermarkets, and more.

Why Should You Invest in Retail Properties?

First of all, retail property investments offer high yields. This is one of the biggest reasons why investors are often attracted to the retail real estate market. Retail real estate typically offers yields of at least 5% or more. This is perfect for real estate investors who want to establish an income-stream based investment over capital gains growth.

Another reason is that retail properties have longer leases. For example, retail leases may be signed for at least five years. This offers you, the landlord, some security and gives tenants ample time to establish their business. Depending on the consumer price index, leases also include annual rent increases. What’s more, there are turnover rents. You can be given a percentage of the gross revenue from a business. A bonus incentive for retail investors!

How LP Capital Group Can Help for Retail Property Investments
  • New construction loans: Are you planning to build a retail property from the ground up and require funding? LP Capital Group comprises retail real estate experts who can provide the financing you need.
  • Commercial bridge loans: You can apply commercial bridge loans that are worth up to $5MM through LP Capital Group. You can even use the loans to acquire an existing retail property.
  • Rehab funding (Fix & Flip): We understand that retail real estate investors demand a certain level of speed and flexibility. That’s why we offer short-term loan programs to purchase, fix, and flip a property.
  • Commercial mortgage loans: We are the correct company to engage for permanent financing solutions for retail real estate refinancing and purchasing.
Why You Should Work with LP Capital Group for Retail Property Investments

Since our inception, LP Capital Group has been part of a wide range of retail real estate projects. Whether you are looking to invest in a retail property that’s based in New Jersey or Connecticut, we have got your back. Our company can secure the funding you need to actualize construction and investment plans. When you work with us, you gain access to stellar banking and financing solutions designed for commercial real estate operators, owners, investors, and developers. We continually strive to facilitate successful real estate transactions and provide positive experiences to our valued clients. LP Capital Group understands that commercial real estate projects can be stressful at times, so let us do the heavy legwork for you.